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2013 Resolutions

NumberTitle/Brief DescriptionMeeting Date
[2013-01]( Period Policy for Newly Hired Employees1/2/13
[2013-02]( Center Advisory Committee1/23/13
[2013-03]( of Discovery Bay Community Recreation Center Fund2/6/13
[2013-04]( of Grant Deed and Certificate of Acceptance for the Community and Recreation Center Parcels2/6/13
[2013-05]( for Background Checks in Relation to Employment2/20/13
[2013-06]( Use Policy3/20/13
[2013-07]( Amended: Board Compensation4/3/13
[2013-08]( Improvement District DB L&L Zone #9 – Annual Assessment5/1/13
[2013-09]( Discovery Bay Lighting and Landscape Zone #8 Appropriations Limit for FY 2013–146/5/13
[2013-11]( Operating, Capital and Revenue Budgets FY 2013–14 and FY 2014–156/19/13
[2013-12]( to Levy and Collect Annual Assessment for the Ravenswood Improvement District – DB Lightlight and Landscape Zone 9 for the FY 2013–147/16/13
[2013-13]( Revised Park Rules and Regulations forms and fees7/16/13
[2013-14]( Hearing Proposed combined rate increase pertaining to Water and Wastewater services for FY 2013–14 through FY 2016–17 and Approval and Adoption of Resolution No. 2013-14 Establishing Charges for Water and Wastewater Service and Continuing Collection of Water and Wastewater Service Charges on the County Tax Roll8/7/13
[2013-15]( Hearing to Consider Town of Discovery Bay CSD Ravenswood Landscape Zone #9, Park, Lighting and Open Space Improvements District Assessments Report for the FY 2013–2014; continue Collection of Assessments on County Tax Roll and adoption of Resolution No. 2013-158/7/13
[2013-16]( Check Signing Signature Authority – Marianne Wiesen8/7/13
[2013-17]( New Water Well No. 7 – Mitigated Negative Declaration8/21/13
[2013-18]( Administrative Fees Regarding Water Service9/4/13
[2013-19]( Town of Discovery Bay Employee Personnel Manual9/4/13
[2013-20]( 2013-19 and Adopt Town of Discovery Bay Employee Personnel Manual9/19/13
[2013-21]( assessor parcel number 008-010-037 from Ken Inc. to the Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District for the location of Water Well No. 079/19/13
[2013-22]( Medical and Ancillary Health Benefit Coverage12/4/13
[2013-23]( Compliance with the California Public Records Act by the Town of Discovery Bay12/4/13
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