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Reclamation District 800

Reclamation District 800 is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 19 miles of levees protecting 7,000 acres of agricultural, urban, commercial and industrial land in and around Discovery Bay. Rec 800 is responsible for:

  • Providing flood protection for 3,600 properties
  • Inspecting levees for areas that need improvements or repairs
  • Evaluating levees to ensure they meet state and federal guidelines for a minimum of 100-year flood protection
  • Supervising design and construction of levee improvements or repairs
  • Providing residents with information about flood insurance and emergency preparedness
  • Managing drainage and water circulation within Discovery Bay’s lakes and lagoons
  • Reviewing residential/commercial construction on and around levees and slopes

Property owners within the District’s service area pay a modest annual assessment for these services. They also elect a five-member Board of Trustees to manage the District’s approximately $1 million annual operating budget. The budget is funded through assessments, property taxes and reimbursements from the State of California.

For more information, visit the Reclamation District 800 website.

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