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Health & Hazardous Materials

The Environmental Health and Hazardous Materials programs are divisions of Contra Costa Health Services. These programs are designed to protect the community by helping to prevent accidents and exposures involving hazardous materials. Hazardous materials include oils, degreasers, acids, chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals that cause harm to people or the environments. The major program activities are:

  • Responds to hazardous materials accidents
  • Notifies the community in case of emergency
  • Responds to complaints of illegal dumping of hazardous materials
  • Responds to complaints of improper waste handling at businesses and homes
  • Inspects businesses that produce hazardous waste
  • Ensures businesses have adequate programs to prevent and respond to chemical accidents
  • Inspects underground and other tanks that contain hazardous chemicals.

There is an Ombudsman that responds to questions and concerns from the public about the agency’s activities and conducts independent and impartial investigations. To contact the Hazardous Materials Ombudsman, call (877) 662-8376.

Visit the Hazardous Materials Program website for more information, or call (925) 656-2286. Contra Costa County Health Services can be reached at (925) 646-5225 ext. 200.

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