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About the Delta

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The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region encompasses over 1,200 miles of waterways, located between Sacramento on the north and Stockton to the south. It is the largest estuary on the US Pacific Coast. The larger rivers feeding the Delta are the Sacramento and the San Joaquin River. Other rivers include the American River, Mokelumne River, Cosumnes River and the Calaveras River.

Environmentally sensitive and culturally significant, the Delta is home to the “bread basket” of America.  Delta water is the lifeblood for hundreds of thousands of acres of farmlands that feed not only California, but the nation.

The Delta is comprised of numerous channels or sloughs that have resulted in a system of “islands” and wetlands protected by a comprehensive levee system.

The Delta is a world-renowned destination for boating, fishing and water sports. For most Discovery Bay residents, the town’s proximity to the Delta and all that it offers is an integral part of our way of life here.

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