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Board and Committee Bylaws

The Town of Discovery Bay CSD current Board and Committee Bylaws are listed below.  The Board and Committee Bylaws are subject to the Brown Act which establishes meeting dates and times.  The Board and all Committees have specific tasks which include:

Board of Directors - meetings shall be for considering reports of the affairs of the District and for transacting such other business as may be properly brought before the meeting.

Communications - tasks include assisting in various methods of communication in which the Town of Discovery Bay communicates its activities, information, and mission to the public. 

Finance – tasks include the District’s annual Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budgets, review existing budgets or to meet with staff to address budgetary issues. 

Internal Operations – tasks include the Town policies, procedures, and resources that pertain to employees and office administration.

Parks and Recreation – tasks include planning and future development of the Community Center, Park and Recreation functions of the District, and all landscape areas within the Town’s jurisdiction.    

Water and Wastewater – tasks include matters pertaining to the Town’s Water and Wastewater operations.

Please find below the current Bylaws.


Board/Committee NameCurrent Bylaws
Board of Directors[Bylaws](
Communications Committee[Bylaws](
Finance Committee[Bylaws](
Internal Operations Committee[Bylaws](
Parks and Recreation Committee[Bylaws](
Water and Wastewater Committee[Bylaws](


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