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2015 Resolutions

Resolution NumberTitle/Brief DescriptionMeeting Date
[2015-01]( Policy1/14/15
[2015-02]( Bylaws2/4/15
[2015-03]( Board Policy No. 0042/18/15
[2015-04]( Bank Depository3/4/15
[2015-05]( of Grant Application East Bay Regional Parks Measure WW Grant3/18/15
[2015-06]( Annual Assessment Eng. Report 2015-165/6/15
[2015-07]( Park Rules & Regulations Forms & Fees5/20/15
[2015-08]( Personnel Manual6/3/15
[2015-09]( of Directors to the SDRMA Authority Board of Directors7/1/15
[2015-10]( FY2015-16 FY2016-17 Op, Cap and Rev Budgets6/17/15
[2015-11]( Naming Policy6/17/15
[2015-12]( Assessment Ravenswood – DB Zone 9 FY2015-2016, Accept Engineer’s Report7/1/15
[2015-13]( Landscape Zone #9, Park, Lighting and Open Space Improvements District Assessments Report for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016; Collection of Charges7/15/15
[2015-14]( Bay Lighting and Landscape Zone #8 Appropriations Limit for FY 2015-167/15/15
[2015-15]( Preliminary Project Expenditures to be Reimbursed from Bond Moneys8/5/15
[2015-16]( of Town Owned Equipment for local Non-Profits Board Policy09/02/15
[2015-17]( Finance Team09/02/15
[2015-18]( Medical Coverage12/02/15
[2015-19]( of the Emergency Operation Plan for the Town of Discovery Bay12/02/15
[2015-20]( Irrigation District Boundary Overlap12/02/15
[2015-21]( Usage & Rental Policy Revised12/16/15
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