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2016 Resolutions

Resolution NumberTitle/Brief DescriptionMeeting Date
[2016-01]( Water Management Plan01-06-2016
[2016-02]( Expenditures Taxable/Tax Exempt02-03-2016
[2016-03]( the Employee Personnel Policy Manual02-17-2016
[2016-04]( Fees – Disposal of Septic Waste Materials into the Town’s Wastewater System for Commercial &02-03-2016
[2016-05]( Assessment Ravenswood Improvement District L&L Zone #9 HERWIT Engineering to prepare the Engineer’s Assessment Report04-06-2016
[2016-06]( Specification of the Election Order05-18-2016
[2016-07]( Hydrant Policy06-01-2016
[2016-08](, Operating & Capital Budget for FY2016-17 & FY2017-1806-15-2016
[2016-09]( Assessment Ravenswood Zone 9 FY2016-2017, accept Engineer’s Report07-06-2016
[2016-10]( Charges for Water and Wastewater FY 16-17-20-2107-20-2016
[2016-11]( Assessment Levy Coll 2016-1707-20-2016
[2016-12]( Limit for FY 2016-1707-20-2016
[2016-13]( a Fire Hydrant Policy Fee Structure for the Town of Discovery Bay.07-06-2016
[2016-14]( Personnel Manual related to employee evaluations and merit increases08-03-2016
[2016-15]( Hydrant Policy Penalty & Fine Structure enforce Ordinance No. 709-07-2016
[2016-16](’s benchmark for Health Care contributions and affirms the change in insurance brokerage services.10-05-2016
[2016-17]( Park and Facility Usage and Rental Policy10-19-2016
[2016-18]( Facility Rental Fee Schedule10-19-2016
[2016-17]( the Conflict of Interest Code11-02-2016
[2016-20]( with Quint and Thimmig LLC for Bond and Disclosure for the Effluent Filtration Project bond issuance.11-02-2016
[2016-21]( State Legislative Action to Facilitate re-allocation of property tax revenues11-16-2016
[2016-22]( signature authority remove Mark Simon & add Bill Mayer12-21-2016
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