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Park Reservation Forms & Landscape Maintenance Services

May contain: person, human, dog, mammal, animal, canine, pet, play area, and playground
Cornell Park Playground Replacement Project, June 2012.

In 2003 the Discovery Bay Community Services District took on the responsibility of maintaining the “Common” landscape areas/parks within a portion of the community that is known as the “Discovery Bay Proper Area-Service Area M-8,” which is now called Discovery Bay Lighting & Landscaping Zone #8. The landscape zone #8 encompasses Cornell Park, Roberta Fuss Tot Lot, all common landscape streetscapes, levees, and islands on the east side of Discovery Bay. Due to the age of the majority of these sites, the District approved the creation of a Landscape Master Plan for a design concept for future capital improvements. The Board of Directors has currently approved two renovation projects for 2010 for this zone. These projects include the west side of Discovery Bay Boulevard from Seal Way up to and including Sand Point Road, as well as Willow Lake Road streetscape improvements.

In 2006, the District formed the Discovery Bay Lighting & Landscaping Zone #9 in the Ravenswood Housing Development area that is located off of Newport Drive and Slifer Drive that consists of common landscape areas and a park.

  • Zone 9: Wilde Drive to Keats Court, Point of Timber, and Poe Drive to the end – Southside, Poe Drive

In 2008, the town began the maintenance of all public common landscape areas and parks that are owned by the County. These common landscape areas are broken out into three independently funded zones that are as follows:

  • Zone 35: Trail/pathway between Newport Drive and Safeway & the median landscaping on Bixler Road.
  • Zone 57: Common landscape areas, parking areas & Regatta Park in the Discovery Bay Southwest (Centex) Development. Porthole Drive, Bixler Road – From Regatta Drive South to Highway 4, Pedestrian Walk
  • Zone 61: Common landscape areas & Slifer Park in the area of the Discovery Bay West housing development from Slifer Park on Newport Drive to the Lakes Home Development on Bixler Road. Park and Ride – Bixler Road Westside to The Lakes Northern most exit (Doesn’t include entries or exits). Point of Timber both sides, Preston Drive, Slifer Drive, Sussex Court, Plymouth Court, Sterling Court, Dorchester Court, Coronado Court, Cambridge Court, Birmingham Court, Berkshire Lane, Sheffield Court, Amesbury Court, and Emerson Court.
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