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Single Tunnel Water Conveyance Project

Delta Conveyance Project (the Single Tunnel)

tunnel map

Proposed conveyance projects to build huge water intakes on the Sacramento River and re-direct the freshwater around the Delta instead of flowing through it have been highly controversial for years. Voters defeated a ballot initiative to build a peripheral canal in 1982. More recent attempts by the Department of Water Resources to build twin tunnels, called "WaterFix," were finally defeated by environmentalists, Delta farmers, and Delta communities in 2019. Now, the latest proposal for a single tunnel will be released for review in 2022. 

The Town of Discovery Bay Board of Directors has opposed the tunnel conveyance projects. The Town encourages you to explore the single tunnel project and learn more about it. Save the California Delta Alliance, a local Discovery Bay nonprofit, has played an instrumental role in successfully stopping prior attempts at building tunnels and fighting other projects that could negatively impact Discovery Bay and the Delta. Visit for more information.

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