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Suggested Plant List

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The attached tree and plant listing has been assembled with selections that have a proven record to survive Discovery Bay’s difficult soil conditions. Many thanks to the Discovery Bay Garden Club for their input and additions!

The information is intended as a tool for local residents, and should not replace the advice or information from your own garden or landscape professional. A plant’s inclusion on this list does not guarantee its survival in your particular site; nor does the absence of a particular plant mean that it won’t. If you are still uncertain, it is recommended that a soils analysis be performed and amendment recommendations received in each planting situation.

Further research and care will need to be used in order to determine the best selections for your yard. General information is included, but residents should determine light and water requirements, as well as any other special considerations to each tree, shrub or plant chosen.

In general, most areas tested in Discovery Bay have high pH, high salinity and high levels of boron that are toxic to most plants. Because of these naturally occurring elements in our water, it can be difficult to manage these issues. Choosing plant material which will survive one or all of these conditions becomes very important in ensuring the overall aesthetic and health of your landscape. The University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, publishes a book titled, Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants, which has a large section dedicated to explaining and listing the tolerance levels of many plants and trees to all of the conditions listed above. It is an excellent resource and a great way to start to understand some of the complex, and often frustrating, situations we face in our landscape.

This link can help get you started with some tips and ideas about watering your existing or new landscape. Irrigation is an important part of your plants’ health, and in many cases, it is not realized that overwatering can be just as detrimental as under watering. Taking the time to learn watering techniques and adjustments that will provide the most efficient coverage, will go far in benefiting your yards appearance.

Other useful information about planting in Discovery Bay:

  • USDA Growing Zone: 9
  • Sunset Climate Zone: 14

Also, please follow the link for the suggested plant listing for the Town of Discovery Bay.

It is our sincere hope that the list provides you with useful information to help you in your gardening ventures.

Happy Planting!

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