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Voluntary Water Conservation

Voluntary Water Conservation

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The Town of Discovery Bay is happy to report that the two day per week water restriction has been lifted.   There are however specific restrictions against certain water use still in effect, such as, no watering of sidewalks and driveways, and no overwatering landscape to where water is running over sidewalks.  When washing a motor vehicle you must use a hose which is fitted with a shut-off nozzle or device attached to it that causes it to cease dispensing water when not in use, and the prohibited activities are enforceable with fines.

The Town has established a 15%-20% reduction goal for our community and believes this goal can be achieved with a combination of State restrictions and requesting that each household conserve by alternating water days to every other day.

Thank you for your efforts over the last year and a half and your continued support of water conservation.  Water is a valuable resource, together let’s continue to conserve. 

Discover more ideas and learn how you save even more at or contact the Town at or by calling (925) 634-1131.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart Irrigation Controllers are one of the newest ways to properly keep your landscaping healthy and at the same time reduce your watering.

Smart Irrigation gives you the control with daily or weekly reports of water usage.

Please find below the links for more information and take full advantage of Smart Irrigation Controllers.

Thank you for conserving!

  • Lose your lawn, get a garden – Replace your thirsty front yard lawn with drought tolerant plants. HINT: Reduce your automatic sprinkler schedule to one watering day and save up to 400 gallons per week. Check your sprinkler timer after every power outage.
  • HINT: Save up to 80 gallons per week by watering in the early morning or evening, when temperatures are cooler. 
  • Sweep, don’t spray – Hosing down your driveway or sidewalk is prohibited and you could save up to 10 gallons per minute by using a broom or electric leaf blower.
  • Low-flow showerhead – An efficient showerhead could save 8 gallons or more per day.
  • Upgrade your toilet – Replace that old toilet with a high-efficiency model and save about 15 gallons per day.

Read your meter – If you have a meter, you can determine your daily use and check for leaks. A leaky toilet can lose up to 40 gallons per day. Shut off all water and check your meter reading.  Go back after 30 minutes and check it again.  If it moves, you probably have a leak.  If you don’t have a meter, check for leaks around the home and fix them immediately.

  • Mulch around plants – A layer of mulch around trees and other plants in your garden saves you up to 8 gallons per day. Visit our website for mulch coupons.
  • Launder full loads – Modern clothes washers save an average of 10 gallons per load over standard models. Wash full loads only. Visit our website to learn about rebates for efficient clothes washers.

Repair all leaks immediately – Even a small leak can waste over 10 gallons a day. HINT: Go around the house weekly and check for leaks, both inside and out.

State Drought Regulation

“Self-Certification of Supply Reliability”

As part of the State Drought Regulation, the items below are required to be placed on our web-site; “Self-Certification of Supply Reliability” data which has been sent to the State. 

Drought Cert. FINAL Memo- a- Supporting analysis

Certification – Self Certification Conservation Standard

Reliability Certification & Data Submission Form

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